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Premium On/Off Road Diesel

We provide on-site premium diesel fuels for just about any application. Our premium diesel fuels provide improved fuel economy and lubrication to ensure there is less equipment wear.


Home Heating Oil

If you’re thinking about the most cost-efficient way to heat your home, heating oil is the route to go. Home heating oil has many benefits including long-lasting, provides more effective heat, it is energy efficient, and inexpensive.


Conventional (Ethanol-Free) Gasoline

We only offer conventional gasoline for our customers. You can choose from 87 octane, 89 octane and 91 premium octane gasoline.


Above Ground Tank Installs

We are state certified to install all your tank needs. We can offer a turn key set-up, or we can supply the state and tank permits. Call us to discuss the different options available.


Motor Oils & Lubes

We offer multiple oils, lubricants and greases. These are manufactured with high quality base stocks and unique pressure additives that minimize wear under high/low speeds and high torque conditions.


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